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Asphalt Repair Scam

The Hartland Police Department has issued a warning regarding a scam that was recently reported.

Businesses and homeowners need to be aware of traveling asphalt repair companies that show up unsolicited, and offer to complete asphalt repairs for cash. The quality of the work, in this case, is often times going to be below industry standard and you will have little to no recourse because the company will be in another state before you realize that a scam occurred. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection has resources available for homeowners.


The Village of Hartland Police Department handled a complaint on Wednesday, September 6 in one of the industrial parks, which involved a traveling asphalt repair company.  During the investigation of the complaint, there was no evidence to prove that a crime occurred versus being a civil matter.


The Hartland Police encourage you to stay alert for this scam in the area.