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Hartford Police Encourage Smart Driving in School Zones

Hartford Police handled issues with parents and random vehicles not stopping for school crossing guards in the City of Hartford.

Here is the WI State Statue for school crossing guards to pass out to parents if you wish for this school year.

Vehicles should stay stopped in all directions until the stop sign is lowered and the crossing guard is out of the crosswalk.

346.46(2m): Vehicles to stop at stop signs and school crossings.

Every operator of a motor vehicle approaching a school crossing which is controlled by an adult school crossing guard appointed under s. 120.13 (31) or 349.215 shall follow the directions of the school crossing guard. 

If directed by the school crossing guard to stop, the operator shall stop the vehicle not less than 10 feet nor more than 30 feet from the school crossing and shall remain stopped until the school crossing guard directs the operator to proceed.
If everyone follows these simple directions, we hope to have a safer school year for

- Officer Cori R. Whipple, City of Hartford Police Dept/JT1 SRO