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Hartford Common Council Discusses Taxes During September 12 Meeting

Hartford Common Council met on September 12, at Hartford City Hall. 

There was discussion and consideration of the 2024 to 2028 CIP Budget.

Hartford Mayor Tim Michalak addressed this item during the meeting last night. 

"I think the biggest thing from my perspective, that it's got to be impacting a lot of individuals...especially those people who are holding a couple of jobs and go out for a quick bite to eat. It's alarming for me to think that people who are paying the taxes are not going to be able to maintain anywhere near the lifestyle, and I've had people tell me that they don't do a number of things they used to do because they simply can't afford it. If we have this undesignated fund balance, and I would like to see those dollars within the next 24 months used to offset any real possible tax increase, or I'm going to veto whatever is signed and we'll go around the dais and let everybody vote to raise people's taxes. My thing would be use our undesignated fund balance and do not raise the taxes until we can see what's happening with this economy."       

Hartford City Administrator Steve Volkert addressed council members, and responded last night.

"You are passing the budget tonight, based on the numbers I'm giving you. I can't tell you today if this is going to raise your taxes. If all things do come true, just in 2024 alone your mill rate would go up, tax on a $300,000 house to $6 just on debt. The average over four years is an increase of $24, on average total over the next four years."   


Hartford Council members unanimously approved the item.

During the Hartford Common Council meeting, Business Improvement District President Jason Wix appeared in order to request that the common council consider allowing BID parking passes in the Park Avenue – Mill Street parking lot.

There was no vote on this item last night, but it will be brought back during the next Hartford Public Works meeting, and then it will move on and be presented before the Hartford Common Council.