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Case Moves Forward in Washington County Circuit Court

The Washington County case, which involves a Town of Wayne man who is charged with ten counts, including:

6 counts of intentionally mistreating animals

1 count for failing to provide food

1 count for failing to provide water

1 count, which involves shelter space

1 count which involves outside animal shelter

continues to move forward in Washington County Circuit Court. It’s the State of Wisconsin v. Russell Quaas.

A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, September 13. Quaas was not in court, but his attorney did appear along with the prosecuting attorney for the state.  Counsel anticipates filing the Motion to Dismiss, and the court orders motion to be filed within15 days - once the motion is filed, it will be scheduled. 

A plea hearing was scheduled for November 1, 2023 at 1:15 pm.    

Quaas was believed, allegedly to be operating a non-licensed dog breeding business out of a property in the Town of Wayne. The investigation began when Washington County Sheriff's Deputies received an anonymous complaint about dogs being tied to trees and not having proper shelter.

All of the 35 dogs involved in this case survived, and were cared for at the Washington County Humane Society and all of the dogs were adopted.