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The Great Outdoors

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is putting out a reminder about the benefits of living an outdoor livestyle.

Bob Nack is one of the team members, and serves as a hunter/angler and recruitment team supervisor at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

"It's fun to go hunting, and to be sitting in a tree stand or pursuing rabbits or whatever you're doing. It's often the memories you're making with the people you're doing it with, that is really important. It's also a great opportunity for adventure in Wisconsin. If you're sick of the digital world, and technology and want to get away for awhile...you can go create you're own adventure. Wisconsin is great for that, we have a lot of state parks and places to visit in our state where you can find hunting or fishing nearby."                                       

Since the pandemic, a lot of outdoor interests have dropped a bit, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

There is a lot of information on their website at gowild.wi.gov.