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A New Look For Centennial Park

The Centennial Park project is progressing in the city of Hartford.

Hartford City Administrator Steve Volkert told WTKM News that the park will have a unique look. 

"This is going to be something we design to look like a train depot. And the actual, entire park will have the theme of railroad. It's such a prominent thing in the city of Hartford and with the city's history."

Recent work at Centennial Park included paving the new parking lots and walking trail along the northern edge of the Mill Pond.

It also includes the installation of the poured-in-play surface located under, and around the new playground and finalizing the signage and the clock on the new pavilion.

The work on Centennial Park, which started over two years ago, will be entirely complete by the City of Hartford’s Christmas Parade, which will be Saturday, November 11.