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Hartford Common Council Approves Balanced Budget

Hartford Common Council met Tuesday night, October 24.

An Ordinance was up for discussion, regarding BID parking in the Mill Street lot in the city of Hartford. Hartford City Administrator Steve Volkert addressed the council.  

"So at the last council meeting, you approved the concept that changed the Ordinance without the exact wording. You are reviewing the exact wording tonight, with the changed Ordinance which would allow the Hartford Business Improvement District to issue their permits to not only parts of the Jefferson Street parking lot, but also the Mill Street parking lot." 

It was unanimously approved.

Another Ordinance was presented, regarding the winter parking regulations. Hartford Common Council recommended changing the Ordinance, which would allow for some free public parking in select sites throughout the city. It would also allow for paid permits to park on certain sides of the street starting on December 1, 2023.   

It was also approved unanimously by the Hartford Common Council.

The City Administrator’s Report included consideration of amendments to the draft of next year’s City of Hartford Operation and Utility Budgets, in order to publish. Volkert informed council members of the status with the tax rate.

"This balanced budget fits under the state allowed levy limit of 2.94 percent. It holds down taxes to the exact same tax rate as last year."   

Last night’s meeting was adjourned after the unanimous approval by the common council.