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Image of Watertown's New Fire Station Released

An image of Watertown's new fire station was released.

This design will give the Watertown Fire Department the space and infrastructure they need to provide efficient and safe services to the city.

The station will be located between Bernard and Johnson Streets and is currently designed at 37,000 square feet in size. The current design also includes a cold storage building and a training tower.

They are scheduled to move in late 2024, or early in 2025 according to the city of Watertown.

The current fire station does not fit the needs of modern-day firefighting - and it was never built to house both Fire and EMS. When the station was built in 1964, the city did not have EMS services. Now, they have full-time fire and EMS and offer other services like cold/swift water rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, hazmat response and much more. The Watertown Fire Department's vehicles are larger, heavier and they have more of them compared to the amount in 1964. That weight has taken its toll on the apparatus bay floor.

Safety practices regarding gear contamination have come a long way since 1964. They need better-designed decontamination facilities.  
There are no designed dorms for female firefighter/paramedics. They do have women on the staff, and they have spaces provided to them for privacy but trends show more women entering the fire service and they need to be prepared to provide equitable conditions.