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Wisconsin's Gun Deer Season Begins Saturday, November 18

The nine-day gun deer hunting season comes with rules and regulations. The annual nine-day hunt begins on Saturday, November 18 and will run through Sunday, November 26.

Don't forget that now is the perfect time to make your deer carcass disposal plans. You can help slow the spread of CWD just by properly disposing of your deer carcass and waste.

Proper disposal removes potentially CWD-positive deer from the landscape, reducing the likelihood of disease transmission. Once you’ve processed your deer, find a designated dumpster, landfill or transfer station that accepts deer carcass waste.

It's also time to do a safety check of your tree stand, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

First question: Has your tree stand been in storage since last season, or has it been outside for months? Whether in storage or in the field, the elements can inflict more damage than you realize. It's always good to regularly check to ensure straps are in good shape and buckles are intact.

You'll also want to check the stand itself for signs of damage from being in storage or exposure – such as rust.

ATVs and UTVs can be great tools for hunters – but safety should be a top priority. Wear your helmet and seatbelt when you hit the woods this season, and ensure a safe return to camp.

The Wisconsin DNR also reminds you to be sure to follow all rules related to ATVs and UTVs and hunting:

– It is illegal to discharge any firearm, including handguns, in or from any moving or stationary ATV/UTV.

– No person may place, possess or transport a firearm, bow or crossbow in or on an ATV/UTV, unless one of the following applies:

> The firearm is unloaded or is a handgun.

> The bow does not have an arrow nocked.

> The crossbow is not cocked or is unloaded.