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City of Hartford's 2024 Budget Unanimously Passed

Hartford Common Council passed the 2024 Budget with no city tax Increase in Washington County.

Tuesday night, November 14 the Hartford Common Council meeting included a vote, with common council members unanimously approving the 2024 Hartford City Budget which will not increase city taxes, but will solidify a lot of services in the City of Hartford. This budget, which will keep the mill rate at $4.67 for the City of Hartford portion of property taxes, will greatly enhance three departments. The Hartford Fire & Rescue will be adding three more full-time paramedics/firefighters to address the rising volume of calls. The City Building Maintenance Department will be adding a ¾ time employee to sure up maintenance to our aging buildings. And the Hartford Police Department will be looking for 2024 approval to add another officer which allows them to once again donate an officer to the Washington County Drug Unit.

Much of the funds, which are being used to offset these additional staff members, is coming from the new State Shared Revenue revision which was given by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to improve public safety. Without those funds, the three paramedics and police officer would not have been possible under levy limit restrictions.