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Online Scam With Dating Apps

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office recently received a fraud complaint that began on a dating app. The victim in this case, connected with a person on the dating app originally but communication was then moved off of the app to contact by texts and phone calls. The suspect claimed to be living abroad while working on a ship in the ocean. The suspect ultimately began asking for money through pre-paid Apple cards in small amounts, to set up iPhone accounts, claiming it was so they could continue to talk while on the ship. The suspect later claimed some of the equipment on the ship was damaged and they needed to fix it to collect payment of several million dollars. The suspect requested the victim send a large sum of money to complete the repairs with the promise of being paid back. The victim did attempt to send a large sum of money to the suspect, but fraud detection flagged the transaction, and the sum was stopped.

These types of scams can be tricky, as they play on the victim’s loneliness and desire to connect with someone and they often go unreported due to the embarrassment that the victim may feel. Often the victim is in denial due to the bond that has been formed through the relationship.

It’s never a good idea to send money to someone you meet online and do not personally know. Another “red flag” is when a request is made for pre-paid cards, in which you are asked to provide the numbers and pin off the cards.

If you feel you have been a victim of this type of scam, or that your friend or family may have been, please contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office to report it.