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Hartford Planning On A Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

An update was presented during a recent Hartford Parks and Recreation Commission meeting regarding a comprehensive outdoor recreation plan.

It's part of the CIP Capital Improvement Program.

Director of Parks and Rec Randy Wojtasiak provided important details during the recent meeting of the Hartford Parks and Rec Commission.

"We'll assess the existing park system, strategize the best way to preserve, enhance and expand the park system. The updated documents should develop a plan that the city council, park and rec commission and staff can follow over a five year period. The expectations of the firm selected include work that will begin in March of this year. The new plan document must meet DNR requirements for grant funding eligibility for the planning period...which is 2024 through 2028."

This plan will go park to park in the city of Hartford. It will identify which features they have in place, and will also identify growth potential, along with enhancing what they currently have in place.

Various trends and guidelines will be considered.