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Looking Forward to the Mega Rummage Sale

The Washington County Humane Society is staying busy.

Dates were recently announced for one of their largest fundraising events, the 13th annual Mega Rummage Sale. It will run from Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2. It will be held at Washington County Fair Park's Zeigler Building.

The items are donated throughout the community.

You will have the opportunity to shop from over 250 tables that will be filled with items, including everything from clothing to dinnerware and from holiday decor to sporting goods.

Communication Specialist Joe Poczkalski told WTKM about where the funds go. 

"All the proceeds go to our Emergency Animal Medical Fund, which provides quick care to animals that need it most. Last year we raised around $100,000 and all of it went into our Emergency Animal Medical Fund. We can react to medical situations with our animals that we don't have the capacity in house to take care of. If an animal needs a high amount of care, this fund enables us to take them elsewhere in the community to receive that care."   

The funds from the Mega Rummage Sale have made a difference in helping animals in need.

They have raised $454,577 for pets in need.

The Washington County Humane Society served a total of 2,609 animals last year, while 1,425 animals were adopted in 2023.