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Hartford's Fire Chief Ready To Retire

Hartford Fire and Rescue Chief Paul Stephans announced his plan to retire.

Chief Stephans will be retiring on May 3, 2024.  

Stephans has served the city of Hartford for over 25 years. 

Hartford City Administrator Steve Volkert told WTKM News that Chief Stephans will be missed.

"Paul did a phenomenal job. He was the first full-time fire chief the City of Hartford ever had, and we are in the process of finding someone new. He will be missed."

One of many great accomplishments for Chief Stephans happened two years ago. It included moving the Hartford Fire and Rescue Department into a Paramedic level of service. The application and operational plan was approved by the Division of Public Health - Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care - Emergency Medical Services. This elevated status provides residents with the highest level of service from the operations of an ambulance.

Thanks to Hartford Fire and Rescue Chief Paul Stephans for being a great friend to WTKM.        

The City of Hartford welcomed Tony Burgard to the Fire and Rescue Department. Tony formerly served as Chief of the Richfield Fire Company. Tony will be formally appointed by the Hartford Common Council on February 13, 2024 as Assistant Fire and Rescue Chief which he will serve until May 4, at which time he will take over as Chief of the department upon the retirement of current Chief Paul Stephans.