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Pay Pal Fraud Alert

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has received two similar fraud complaints in the month of February, of 2024. The scammer sends a fake e-mail spoofed as being from Pay Pal, while neither victim had a Pay Pal account, which prompts the individual to call the number after receiving that email. The scammer then convinces the individual to download an app where they can gain control of their electronic devices. In both of these incidents, the scammer was about to gain access to the victim's bank account information. In one of these cases, the scammer convinced the victim to purchase Bitcoin and Target gift cards.

Please stay alert to these types of scams as they are becoming more and more common. In most instances, these scammers will tell you that you cannot hang up your phone while you are speaking with them. This is their way of preventing you from calling someone for help or asking if you're being scammed. Keep in mind, that any legitimate company or legal process requesting money from you will never require you to pay your “bills” with Bitcoin or any crypt-currency, or gift cards. If you have the feeling that you might be getting scammed, there is a good chance you are. Take the time to reach out to your family or law enforcement before you provide any personal or financial information.