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Nationwide AT&T Outage

AT&T has sent out a nationwide notification to all 911 centers about a nationwide outage impacting the ability of customers to make voice calls and data calls. This will likely impact the ability for AT&T customers make 911 calls on anything that uses AT&T’s network (FirstNet, Cricket, Consumer Cellular, Straight Talk, FreedomPop, Tracfone, etc.). The first email to the Washington County Emergency Communications Center came through at 3:26AM with the most recent update at 5:38AM.

AT&T technical teams have taken steps to mitigate the issue and some services have been restored. WIFI calling should be an option for most phones, but it must be enabled on the device and have a WIFI connection.

The Washington County Emergency Communications Center is still receiving landline 911 calls normally and all 911 calls from other cell phone vendors.

We will send out an update when notified by AT&T when the nationwide issue is fully resolved.