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Jackson Police Encourage You To Protect Yourself Against Scams

The Jackson Police Department released valuable information regarding scams. 

In this case, important tips about the elements of a scam. Every scam has three elements that produce red flags.

???? Pretense: They have to appear to come from a person or business that is legitimate.

????Problem/Prize: They are very creative when they craft their stories. They will try to convince you that a family member needs help, or their is child porn on your computer, a fraudulent transaction on your account, etc. Whatever it is, it is going to sound bad!

????Pressure: They want you to feel like if you do not do something NOW, that things will get even WORSE or you might MISS OUT! Examples: do not worry about calling the police, we already notified the FBI or if you do not "protect" your account, you could lose all of your money.

? Don't click links

? Don't open attachments

? Don't call phone numbers provided by pop-ups

? Don't believe someone just because they know your name, address, or anything else. That information is relatively easy to find online.

? Disengage, hang up!

? Delete the email or text message.

? Check your security settings and change passwords periodically.

? Trust your bank teller!

? Still not sure, call someone you know you can trust.... even if the scammer says that you can't trust AnYoNe!

The Jackson Police Department encourage you to please share the information.