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HUHS Board Members Approve A Community Survey

Monday night, February 26 the Hartford Union High School Board of Education voted on a community-wide survey, which would provide additional feedback to the district.

Hartford Union High School Superintendent Jeff Walters recently discussed the item with WTKM News.

"A citizens advisory committee, which is a board appointed committee in this case, has been digging through the audit of our facilities for the past months. They presented to our school board regarding possible scenarios in what they have identified as our facility needs. Each of those scenarios certainly are a possible facilities referendum, depending on the needs of the board supports of the committee. Regarding infrastructure, regarding learning spaces and regarding exterior athletic and outdoor spaces as well. In this case, they have those three important buckets and it's not just about outdoor facilities. It's about infrastructure...the backbone of our district."

Mr. Walters went on to say that it's time for those improvements.

"It is time and it's not easy. Costs continue to go up, and needs continue to rise and that's a bad equation. I believe that in some point in time, the district is going to have to decide where to put our resources. We believe that where we have landed now is a good balance between talking about learning spaces, talking about the backbone...the infrastructure of what we need and also talking about keeping up with other districts who have significantly improved outdoor facilities compared to what Hartford Union High School has, so it's an important conversation. It's driven by members of our communities across our 225 square miles."

Hartford Union High School Board of Education members unanimously approved the community-wide survey.