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Tim Algiers Recognized For 33 Years of Service

Hartford Common Council met Tuesday night, February 27 at Hartford City Hall.

The new library director of Hartford's Jack Russell Memorial Library was introduced. Vanessa Taylir told council members she is excited to join the library.

The Mayor's Report involved a presentation with a proclamation which recognized Tim Algiers for 33 years as the City of Hartford's Prosecuting Attorney. The report also involved consideration of appointing Kim Schumacher to the Police and Fire Commission. Hartford Mayor Tim Michalak addressed council members regarding the appointment.

"When trying to get an appointment to any of the commissions or committees that the mayor is responsible for, it's important to look around and see who would be appropriate for something. The Police and Fire Commission is very important to us. Both of the chiefs stepped forward and suggested Kim's name for the appointment."

Schumacher is from Hartford, and worked for over 20 years for the FBI. 

The Hartford Common Council unanimously approved the appointment of Kim Schumacher to the Police and Fire Commission.