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Meet With The Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates

The Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office will host a free event at the First United Methodist Church, on Monroe Avenue in Hartford on Monday, March 25.

This community wide event will focus on the role of social media in human trafficking.

Co-founder of the Anti-Trafficking Advocates Wendy Smith.

"This is coming from what I have learned from law enforcement, from the services that serve people that are being exploited. If a child has a device that is connected to the internet, whether it's gaming, or wherever there is a chat platform...snapchat or texting and they have the device in their hand, it's a potential danger."                                                

It’s a chance to learn about false profiles, and about the tools to keep kids safe.

Free educational resources will be available.

They will discuss how social media can serve as an outlet in order to exploit kids.