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A Snow Covered Friday Morning

The snow interrupted spring on Friday, March 22.

The theme throughout the winter season for area snow plow drivers is clear it out. It’s the job, according to Washington County’s Scott Schmidt, of the Highway Department.

"Yes, that's what we do...pushing hard to keep the roads as clean as possible."

Weatherology Meteologist Paul Trambley told WTKM News that the day started with the expectation of three to five inches of snow.

"The system brought steady snowfall throughout the morning. It's expected to slow down and taper off this afternoon. General snow totals will be around three to five inches, with a few spots getting a bit more. We are tracking a system, which is expected to come into the area this Sunday...starting with snow and turning to rain by this Monday."

Snow plow drivers worked hard and started early this morning. City of Hartford Public Works Director Darryl Kranz told WTKM News how the day begins with an early morning snow storm.

'We are out there, the second the police department calls. They will call me at night, and tell me about the weather. I'm up at that point, and we will see where we are at and I'll get guys in. We try hitting it very early. It goes by how much snow and road temperature."

WTKM News appreciates our snow plow drivers, especially during an early morning snow storm!