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Life Saving Citizen Commendation

It was a special presentation.

It happened during the Village of Kewaskum Board meeting on April 1. Washington County Sheriff Martin Schulteis presented Keri Seiler with a citizen commendation for her live-saving actions last month.

Keri, who is a Kewaskum resident, observed a juvenile on an overpass bridge who appeared to be visibly distraught. Rather than continue and drive past, Keri decided to stop. As a caring mother herself, she was able to talk the individual off the edge of the overpass. The tense incident ended in a heartfelt embrace between the two strangers.

Sheriff Schulteis told the Kewaskum Village Board if it were not for Keri’s empathetic intervention, this incident could have ended with a much different outcome.

Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities. There are many factors that contribute to suicide. If you’re struggling, it’s okay to share your feelings. Please reach out.

Details were intentionally omitted to protect the privacy of the juvenile.

Photo by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.