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Changing Bus Routes

Hartford Union High School issued a reminder regarding an adjustment of their bus routes.

Some bus routes changed on Monday, April 1. If you ride an a.m. or p.m. bus route, you need to check your Skyward account to see if your bus routes and pick up and drop off times have changed.

Why is this happening?

HUHS is experiencing a $1.6 million dollar budget deficit and we need to reduce expenses. In a district that spans 225 square miles, transportation costs have a significant impact on our budget. We thank our partners at Riteway for being creative and helping us consolidate and eliminate two morning bus routes which will save our district approximately $100,000 each year. The state funding gap has left many Wisconsin schools struggling to keep up with inflation, and our district is exploring every possible solution to keep the impact as far away from the classroom as possible.

Hartford Union High School issued a thank you for your understanding and, again, please check your Skyward Account to see if this change affects your family.

If you have any questions, please call Riteway at (262) 673-3777.

Photo by Hartford Union High School.