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Scam Using the Dodge County Sheriff's Office Identity

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office released information regarding a scam.

There is currently a scam by someone claiming to be from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. They are using the actual names of employees from the sheriff’s office, but the phone calls are not legitimate. They are also spoofing the phone number on their caller ID making it seem like the phone number is legitimate.

This makes operations very difficult, as we do need to speak with people in the public via the phone. If you receive a phone call from the sheriff’s office, we will never ask you for legal information over the phone. If you are concerned that a phone call has been received from the sheriff’s office and it is not legitimate, ask for the person’s name and tell the person that you are going to hang up and call our dispatch center. You can then call our dispatch center and they will patch you through to the person that needs to talk to you. This is a sure way to ensure the call you are receiving is legitimate. The non-emergency number for the sheriff’s office is 920-386-3726.