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K9 Flash Assists With Apprehension

On Wednesday, May 8 a criminal damage to property complaint was reported at a residence in the City of Hartford, according to the Hartford Police Department. Two windows were shattered, and an officer located a baseball bat lying next to one of the windows.

With no potential suspects, an officer recalled an individual who lived next door who might be a suspect, and they contacted the homeowner. The homeowner admitted the bat belonged to the household. When contact was made with the suspect and he was questioned, he attempted to slam the door on officers and was irate. Eventually, officers spoke with the suspect, but he denied all involvement.

For the remainder of the day, the investigation continued into determining who damaged the windows. Potential camera footage was available and while investigating, an officer received a call from the suspect’s probation agent. He advised the suspect did not inform him he was the lead suspect regarding this incident. He also skipped his scheduled meeting. The agent entered a warrant for the suspect. The agent warned officers that the suspect would fight with them upon contact.

Officers returned to the residence. While walking up to the front door, the suspect fled from the rear of the residence in a westbound direction. K9 Flash was retrieved from the squad to conduct a track. While working the track, officers encountered the suspect. He immediately started swearing at the officers and clenching his fists. K9 Flash began to continuously bark, and the K9 handler advised the suspect if he fought officers, K9 Flash would apprehend him. K9 Flash’s presence caught the suspect by surprise. He continued making threats but listened to commands to get on the ground. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody without further incident.

The suspect later mentioned the only reason he did not fight with officers was because of K9 Flash. He knew how to fight people but feared K9 Flash’s presence and potential deployment. This is yet again another great example of how the K9 resource resolved a potential physical encounter, which may have ended up in officers and/or the suspect being physically injured. This allows for quick apprehension and the ability for officers to get back to serving the community. K9 Flash is specifically trained in tracking and apprehension and has been successful in doing both several times thus far in his career.