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An Ace Tennis Complex Opens at Hartford Union High School

The new tennis complex at Hartford Union High School was ready for the first day of practice on August 8 for the Orioles' girls tennis team. It was on display with a 16-team High School Girl's Tennis Invitational on opening weekend of the season.

It's a big improvement, according to HUHS Superintendent Jeff Walters.

"It was a lot of work, and it looks great. It's a big part of our campus at Hartford Union High School. It involved the application of the playing surface layer, and then they conducted a flood test to make sure there were no dimples on the surface of the courts. They also made sure it was not holding water, and draining properly."

A second layer of the playing surface was applied and then they waited around four weeks for it to settle and become firm. 

"This project has certainly been a journey," said Walters. "It took longer than we hoped it would, but in the end it's great for our community and our student-athletes."

The new tennis complex cannot have Pickleball lines on it because the HUHS District received a grant from the Tennis Association.    

Hartford Union High School's campus is expanding. Previously, it was the corner where the building is located but over one year ago they purchased the land across the street that holds the football complex and the two softball fields. Now, with the tennis complex that intersection has become Hartford Union High School's footprint.