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A New Snowboarding Season Under Way

The Hartford Union High School Snowboarding Team competed at Alpine Valley Resort, in Elkhorn on January 6 and 7.

Placements Are Top 10 for 1/6/24 & 1/7/24

High School Conference:

SL- Jackson St. A 1st, Gavin A. 3rd, Mason 5th, Caleb 7th

GS- Jackson St. A 1st, Caleb 4th, Mason 5th

SBX- Jackson St. A 1st, Caleb 4th, Gavin A. 5th

Individual Age Group:

SL- Jackson St. A 3rd

GS- Jackson St. A 1st, Caleb 3rd

SBX- Jackson St. A 2nd, Gavin A. 3rd

Men's High School Varsity team took first in both SL & GS and second in Boardercross

Middle school- Individual Age / Gender Group

SL - Charlie 1st, Gavin M. 3rd, Kean 2nd, Olivia T. 2nd

GS- Charlie 1st, Gavin M. 2nd, Olivia T. 3rd

SBX- Olivia T. 2nd, Charlie 1st, Gavin M. 2nd

Honorable Mention: Individual Age Group - Brian Krebs 1st