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Paul Stephans Day

Paul Stephans Day is Friday, May 3 in the City of Hartford.

The City of Hartford will have a new chief of the fire and rescue department.

Current Chief Paul Stephans will retire after 35 years of service with the City of Hartford. His impressive career started in 1991, as a lieutenant – the first full-time staff member of the department. Paul Stephans became a deputy chief in 1994.

Chief Stephans talked with WTKM and said his decision to retire was not easy.

"It comes with mixed emotions. I love my job and the people I work with, which comes with the opportunity to help people every day. Sometimes, the burden of responsibility wears on you. I'm looking forward to transitioning into trying to be a good grandparent and spend more time with family." 

In 1996, Paul Stephans was appointed assistant chief of the Hartford Fire Department and was promoted to the Hartford Fire and Rescue chief in 2006.

Chief Stephans was instrumental in advancing the department to the advanced EMT Level in 2002, and the Paramedic Level in 2021.

Tony Burgard is the successor, and will step in and take over as the new Hartford Fire and Rescue chief on May 3. Burgard was a member of the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company since 2004 and was promoted to chief over four years ago.