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National Correctional Officers Week

This week, May 5-11, is National Correctional Officer Week. To the dedicated men and women who uphold safety, order, and rehabilitation within the Dodge County Jail, this week is for you.

Every day, you show unwavering commitment, courage, and professionalism in ensuring the security and well-being of both inmates and staff. Your role is not just about maintaining order; it's about fostering positive change, providing support, and facilitating rehabilitation. Your dedication and sacrifice deserve recognition and gratitude not only this week but every day.

Throughout the week we will be highlighting each of our correctional officer teams. Today we are highlighting Team 1A.

Back Row Left to Right: Sergeant Jason Polsin (23 years), CO Kristin Marwitz (24 years), CO Jerome Doornek (14 years), CO Krista Longseth-Roberts (8 years), CO Gregory Oettinger (4 years), CO Dan Watkins (22 years), CO Kyle Anderson (3 years), CO Don Krueger (24 years), CO Brian Hill (13 years), Sergeant Kevin Kuehl (10 years)

Front Row Left to Right: CO Deyvis Perez Laguna (4 years), CO Nate Hein (11 years), CO Mikayla Klein (2 years), CO Carla Diaz (4 years), CO Jen Welch (23 years), Sergeant Samantha Laughlin (18 years) Not pictured John Pettersen (7 years).

Photo by the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.