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Hartford Union High School Forms A Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee

In 2022, Hartford Union High School area voters rejected a referendum to update facilities. The school's administration acknowledges and respects the community’s decision. Now, they must refine their plans to better reflect the priorities of the taxpayers.

To help accomplish this goal, the Hartford School District formed the Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee. This group, which is made up of parents, staff and community members studied a facility assessment and feedback gathered from stakeholder interviews, which identified more than $180 million in potential projects. They recognize completing all of these projects at one time is not realistic.

They need your feedback to determine which projects, if any, should be part of the first phase of a long-term facility improvement plan. The CFAC will use this input to finalize their recommendation to the School Board. To keep all feedback confidential, survey responses are collected by an independent research firm.

Your survey should be in your mailbox soon.

Hartford Union High School expresses their gratitude for giving them your valuable time and input.